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Forgotten Password Recovery

Forgot your password?* Simply enter in the e-mail address of the
e-mailbox to which you have forgotten the password, click 'Send' to submit, and POPP will send your password to you.

Responses are sent immediately, but due to server loads and other network elements beyond our control, it may take up to 15 minutes to arrive in your recovery mailbox.


*Password Recovery must be set up on this e-mail account for the recovery process to work. The recovery e-mail address can be another e-mail address or an e-mail address at another e-mail service (such as yahoo, hotmail, etc.). The password will only be e-mailed to this pre-specified password recovery e-mail address.

If you receive the message below, please contact POPP at
763-797-7900 or 1-800-234-POPP and a representative will assist you.

No password recovery E-mail address has been specified.